Citizens’ Culture Festival profound changes of Shanghai

According to the Youth Daily, Shanghai Citizens’ Culture Festival has gone through 5 years. During these five years, the Festival of Citizens and Cultures not only brought rich cultural life to the public and raised the quality of the public, but also profoundly changed the mode of operation and management of the public cultural system. Changes in this series of mechanisms The public culture will be made more permanent and people will continue to enjoy the cultural sense of gain. And 2018 Citizens’ Culture Festival will start again, launched a series of wonderful online offline public cultural content.

Citizens’ Culture Festival profound changes in the Office of the mechanism

Over the past five years, Shanghai Citizens’ Culture Festival has upheld the work philosophy of “government-led, social support, participation of all parties and benefit of the masses”, the brand of “People-run Festival, People-run festival, Influence continues to expand. In the past five years, nearly 250,000 various kinds of activities have been carried out by Shanghai Citizens’ Culture Festival, with a total of more than 100 million service people. Over 40,000 people (over 100) Social undertakings have undertaken, organized, participated in and serviced various activities.

The continuous delivery of rich and quality cultural contents and extensive citizen participation have enabled people to feel a full sense of cultural gain during the Festival of Citizens ‘Culture. Citizens’ cultural self-confidence has been raised and their cultural literacy improved. In addition, the Civic Cultural Festival also played an important role in changing the mode of operation of the public cultural system and in the reform of the office mechanism.

As we all know, there are three levels of public cultural systems in Shanghai at the municipal, district and community levels. During the running process, the Citizens’ Cultural Festival is superimposed with this system to create a ubiquitous urban cultural atmosphere. With the help of a three-tier public cultural distribution system, the contents of Citizens’ Culture Festival have been further promoted to all corners of the city and some urban areas have benefited greatly. At present, 80% of the activities of Citizens’ Culture Festival are based on the community, guaranteeing the quality of cultural resources to the periphery and promoting the equalization of public cultural services.

Civic Cultural Festival has changed the past, such cultural activities sponsored by the government model, but rather to attract a wide range of social subjects to participate in, activate the vitality of social subjects. According to the mode of operation of Citizens ‘Culture Festival, Citizens’ Cultural Festival is a stage of mass culture open to the whole society. The government, enterprises and public institutions, non-profit organizations and sports teams at the grassroots level can provide contents, resources and services for public cultural life. To undertake the project, bring their own projects, co-host co-operation, government procurement, group text team participation and other five kinds of social participation model. One of the most important benefits of incorporating various social subjects into the Citizens’ Culture Festival is that the social subjects have a strong sense of participation. In the process, their subjective initiative is stimulated, and once the vitality has been stimulated, the people who are most benefited . After five years of practice, a large number of social subjects covering all walks of life have emerged. They have gathered, nurtured and guided over 100 excellent subjects among them. By the end of 2015, they established the Citizens’ Cultural Association spontaneously.

Two modes of operation, four key elements

In 2018, Shanghai Citizens’ Culture Festival has a breakthrough in many aspects with the theme of “Making Culture Better Life.” Citizens’ Culture Festival this year to be done “”. “1” is the theme of “Culture makes life better”. It will inherit the tradition and continue to be held in full swing. It will gradually push forward in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter so as to create a place where you can participate at any time, get anywhere, Two o’clock, the moon and the moon have a strong atmosphere of climax.

“2” is the simultaneous introduction of “offline”, “online” two modes of operation. Offline, will continue to rely on key projects and municipal events as an important platform for public participation and display. On the internet, we launched the “Cloud-on-Citizens’ Culture Festival” and relied on the “Culture Shanghai Cloud” and various sub-cloud platforms to plan and design citizen cultural activities based on Internet technologies and digital cultural consumption patterns to create a more open and all- So that people of different ages, different occupations and different interests are willing to pay attention and are willing to participate. In other words, there will be two Citizens’ Cultural Festivals in Shanghai this year.

“4” is to focus on four aspects of the key elements. They are the beautiful life in the city, the excellent Chinese culture, the artistic style of citizens, and the training of humanities and arts. Each section will have a series of colorful activities to the public more in-depth, wonderful, high-quality cultural enjoyment.

The second “4” is the arrangement of four major activities in the city-level activities focused on the launch. Including the “Activities of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up” (including the “40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up” Knowledge Contest, Civic Writing Competition and New Poetry Creation Reading Contest), “Red Classic Culture Inheritance Series Activities” Contest, etc.), “Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Series Activities” (with Chinese Creation Myths Contest, non-legacy Innovation Design Contest, etc.), “Series of Urban Public Cultural Spaces” (with public cultural space innovation and transformation contest, etc.).

In order to further attract social subjects to participate in the Festival of Citizens and Cultures, the organizers of Citizens’ Cultural Festival also yesterday launched the “Hero Posts” to the whole society. Will focus on collecting two parts. Part of the activities are organized around the four major themes of “Better City,” “Excellent Chinese Culture,” “Civic Style,” and “Arts and Humanities Training.” Social entities can apply for participation in the Citizens’ Cultural Festival as long as they have relevant, high-quality content. The other part is a partner that solicits social gatherings of venue partners, communication partners, think-tank partners, content partners and volunteers.